Outsource Your Web Design

Some IT managers think it is so much better to have control over the web design and build process. It is easier to see what is going on, call the shots, and keep clients staying with you.

It’s not always better to have your team in house. Having a design studio in-house is a cost center rather than a profitable choice. Not only do you need space and staff but you also need to throw money at upgrading expensive equipment every few months. Add to this the fact that good staff are head hunted or leave to set up their own business.  You see, a design studio can end up being a headache rather than a profitable choice.

Other Considerations To Owning An In-House Studio

You also need to bring in a steady stream of work to keep them busy and to make the studio cost-effective. What is enough work? That again is a question. You don’t want to keep your clients waiting but you also don’t want to have too much staff hanging around in case you have a month where no new work comes in. We’ve all had that problem. Staff leave and off ill? Instant headache.  No work, cost overruns, and quality concerns?

Staying Technologically Up-To-Date

It’s about whether you and your team actually know what’s going on. Are you up to speed with the latest technology and web design trends. Did responsive web design catch you off guard or were you ahead of the pack. Do you know whether your design and development team know what they are doing or do you get some horrible shocks when presenting to clients and nothing works as it should?

It certainly makes sense for a large business to set up a design studio where turnover is high enough to employ a knowledgeable project manager and good client services staff. But for a small SEO studio or Marketing and PR Agency it could be a costly exercise outsource your web design. You will be pleasantly surprised with Mana Media USA. 

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