Why Choose Us?

We create solutions to your online business problems, we find out who your ideal client is, and then we architect a plan to help your website to not only look great, but generate more leads.

We are a full-service provider of web design, development, site maintenance, and hosting services. When you partner your ideas with Mana Media Group, you can expect to receive support long after your project has been completed.

We do your deliverable project and provide ongoing site maintenance and support through the lifespan of your project.

We will deliver you a world-class web presence.  Full service, with a smile, for the life of your project.  We will be your web professionals from start to finish.

Are You Launching Your Products into the World of E-Commerce?

Having an e-commerce website with a strong conversion strategy can save a LOT of money on costs. A well-formed e-commerce website will take care of the automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory, and other operational processes thus lowering the number of employees required in your business setup. Your e-commerce store will be the perfect employee, working all hours of the day for you 24/7/365 – no questions asked.

You need a beautiful, hard-working website jam-packed with insider sales and conversion secrets to take your business to the next level!

“We are glad we met Veronica. She beautifully designed our website and helped us develop our marketing tools online.  We can definitely attest that she is fully competent to design and improve business web sites, or tune them to make them work better, and she knows how maintain then in optimum working status.

She always helps us when needed and responds quickly to our ideas for changes, improvements and editing. She even taught us how to do our own editing on the site.

Veronica is expert in creating and improving websites for e-commerce, and she also has a wonderful artistic flare that made our web design attractive and easy to use.”

Rosa & Nicholas Stewart, From Hawaii with Love


That means the remaining 80% of all websites are statistics.  Do you know why?

It’s because most websites are not designed with a strategy to get users to engage and make contact with you.  No longer is it “enough” to have a pretty website, if it doesn’t bring you eager ready-to-buy potential customers then you’re doing it wrong.

What you need is a strategic web designer, digital expert and conversion specialist all wrapped into one, to turn your marketing and website into a secret weapon that will take your business to the next level!

Your future depends on generating customer leads and having an automated system that doesn’t involve some kind of burnout.

If your website is under-performing, then we have created this checklist especially for you!  Enjoy!