Wondering how to get more reviews on Google?  Why wait for your customers to correctly guess that your business needs more reviews? Let’s get proactive today on getting your business pumped with quality, Google reviews.

There are two approaches to generate honest-to-goodness reviews

  1. Offer incentives
  2. Engage with clients directly about their experience.

Sometimes you can even combine the two methods.  Engaging your customer is actually good customer service and will often prompt a (hopefully) positive review on your Google My Business page.  If you’re new to your line of business and want to generate more buzz around your business, I recommend an incentive-based campaign to attract quality testimonials.

First of all, make it easy to leave reviews.  Every time you ask for a testimonial, provide a link and clear directions on how to find you.  Make your directions so easy to review that somebody’s grandmother can do it with grace.

If you have created an email campaign to generate testimonials, then include a button or link to the location where you are wanting reviews.

Timing is everything

Next up, make sure the timing is right.  If you ask too late, the moment has passed.  If you ask too early, clients will not have experienced your products/services to the degree that they would be able to provide confident and accurate feedback.





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