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Maybe your current hosting service doesn’t seem helpful anymore, or your support tickets are being lost to the ether.  Did you know a vulture capitalist group named Endurance International Group (EIG), formerly BizLand, is a company that has been buying up well-known, web hosts so that it can add those affordable web hosts to its portfolio of clients?

Unfortunately, once EIG buys out those hosting providers, it seems to be the beginning of when things go downhill.  You’ll find that you’ll be nickel-and-dimed for services and products that were once cheap or free and technical support becomes impossible to get.

If you suspect your current provider has been bought up by EIG, check the list below to see.  If it has been recently acquired, it can take up to six months to see the ill-effects of the acquisition take place.  It is our recommendation that you begin looking for cheap web hosting elsewhere as soon as possible.

Here is that list:


You may be feeling panicked or a sense of loss at this point.

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t carelessly announce that your hosting provider is terrible without having a solution in place.  We recommend using a managed hosting care provider who will take care of everything including website updates for you (cough, ahem, that is us) or directly host your website(s) with Siteground.  Siteground is consistently voted as a Top 10 Best Host Site and we believe they will take care of you.  If you’re not technically savvy, don’t worry, they have measures in place for that too.  As of September 2018, I haven’t seen Siteground make any kind of suggestion that it would be acquired by EIG.

Even with the Siteground shared hosting plans, you’ll find your website to load relatively fast (compared to competitors) and the chat support is second to none when it comes to getting support tickets resolved.

Hopefully this little blog helps you out, if you feel so inclined, please support our content efforts, by click on the banner to visit Siteground, it costs you nothing and won’t cost extra.  Good luck!

p.s. Do you want to hear more about hosting, or have questions about how to better manage your websites?  Send us a bell, we love to help out with those questions.



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