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When I started my business in 2015, I knew that as my business grew I would need a way to keep contracts, invoices, client correspondence and my general workflow organized.  But, of course, the only products available on the market seemed to be out of reach for my budget at the time, and of course, they were way too complicated.


I was going to start my own business and quit dreaming.  I was going to cut the leash that binds an individual to the grid and become a soldier of fortune.


Of course, when I started out – I only had one client and a whole lot of faith mixed with anxiety.


How was I going to pay the bills?


What will people think if I fail?


Was I willing to do whatever it takes to grow my company, including getting over my innate shyness to approach others?


There was a persistent anxiety inside of my head telling me things that simply weren’t true.  I call him ‘Anxious-itis’ because he is an unwelcome house-guest and creates chaos.


Yes, the road ahead of me was unchartered, unscripted, and completely frightening.  I had $2000 to my name and no business equipment to start out with.


After buying a laptop, my first instinct was to use my email program to manage my contacts.  But, after acquiring my first dozen new clients it all became a bit much to manage.


I failed.  


My first gut instinct wasn’t correct but that’s fine.  You know, I’ve learned that if you get down time (i.e. a slow period) in your business, use it as an opportunity to refine processes, use it to catch up on those pesky projects that will save you an hour or two per client all the while promoting, promoting, and promoting.


What my business needed was internal workflow and a system so that clients would know what to expect of the creative process while I used it as a tool to manage their expectations effectively.


What I needed was a Client Relation Management System (CRM) that could handle EVERY event that would occur between myself and a design client.  It had to be easy, because nobody has time to be bombarded with technical crap, including technical people.


In late 2016, I had joined a study group for web creatives and that’s where Dubsado came to me.  Yes, it found me.  I don’t usually get excited about web apps but for some reason Dubsado is making a disciple of me.  Here’s six reasons why:


  1. Dubsado stays with your brand – Connect your email account to the system, so all of the email exchanges, contracts and invoices come directly from you. Best of all, they leave no trace of their branding on it.  All a client sees is your beautifully designed forms featuring your logo.
  2. Lead capturing – all is tracked! I’ve spent so much money on different form plugins and all have failed to get me what I need.  (Gravity, contact form 7, Enfold proprietary contact form, Ninja forms, yes im naming you all because you all cost me time and money and came up short)  So you can imagine my surprise when somebody adds their information to a contact form and it appears as a lead within the dashboard of Dubsado!
  3. Forms for everything – At the risk of sounding like Bubba from Forrest Gump, yes y’all can create forms for Contracts, Invoices, Client Questionnaires, Testimonial & Feedback requests, Design uotes, and more. What makes me happy about this is that I can send any one of these forms to my clients and feel confident that their project information is stored in the right place without me having to copy anything over, thus saving a lot of time and hassle.
  4. Automated workflows – this all sounds like science fiction, and it is. A workflow is simply an automatic sequence of events that you set to occur, based on a client’s actions.  For example, you send over a design proposal to a client, they view it and sign.  After signing… what should happen next?  Well, an invoice should be sent to them… and this can be automated so you don’t have to sit by your computer and wait for that one glorious email.  You can actually go about your life knowing that Dubsado is (in fact) your minion army, ready to do what you need it to do, all  at a moments’ notice.
  5. Client Portals – this won me over. You can send your clients a link which allows them to see everything related to their project, every correspondence, contract, invoice, etc… it not only keeps you organized, it keeps your clients in check.  No more “he said, she said”  You can absolutely, without stuttering have a comprehensive list of your entire communications archived within that portal as proof it has been sent.
  6. It’s cheap – If a cheap person tells you something is cheap, what he or she is really saying is that there’s a lot of value packed in Dubsado for less than one would expect to pay. For pennies on the dollar compared to some of the big brands with bloated overhead.  For about $15 per month, you’ll get to enjoy all.


Well, what are you waiting for?


Get out there.


Don’t take my word for it.



If you have a business that craves organization and automated workflow, Dubsado could very well be for you. Sign up for free (no credit card required) and you’ll get access to Dubsado for up to 3 clients.

Use my code rondog (it’s case sensitive) and you’ll receive 20% off of your first month, or your first year.


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