If you have ever wondered if Facebook Ads or Facebook Marketing is going to work for your business, you need to check out this video. Facebook advertising costs show a better return of investment compared to traditional routes of marketing such as newspaper, billboards, tv, magazines, or radio.

If you are skilled in using Facebook ads, you can show your advertisement to people who are in the market for your services and skip out on paying for people that don’t! When you put your advertisement into a magazine you’re just throwing it out there. Throwing your money away!

A large portion of people who see your advertisement in the magazine or tv or radio or flyer advertising are not even going to be qualified buyers to see your advert. Out of every 100 dollars, maybe an actual 30-40 of it actually reaches the right audience for you whenever you use the traditional means to advertise. With a Facebook ad, 100% of all your Facebook advertising costs are being spent on showing your advertising to people who are likely to buy. And if you’re really good at Facebook adds, you can narrow your offerings down to people who are actively looking for your services. With a billboard, magazine, radio or tv advertising you have ZERO CONTROL over tracking, who is looking, and what characteristics in your buyers you wish to attract!

I like to think I’m pretty awesome at marketing. If you would like, I would show you how we use this beautiful advertising system. If you would like to schedule a sales call with me to talk about how you can get more value for your advertising costs, request a discovery call at calendly.com/mana888. I’m happy to give you 15 minutes to help you do a discovery session to see if Facebook advertising is right for you. If you have been using other advertising mediums and not having much luck, you’re going to love what we can do for you!

Veronica “Ron Dog” Belshaw
Mana Media Group LLC
Request a discovery call: calendly.com/mana888